Yiann Stevens Cegarra is a lens-based artist living in Aberdeen, Scotland. Her work is focused through the fervour of folklore of Scotland and beyond. She finds inspirations from tales of distant past where people drew a mythical understanding of nature. Through her image-making, she seeks that lost bond which connects us all to the mother of all beings. She loves being near water and finds it to be the portal she can cross to find contemplation, a place where she can be free in the mind and a place to belong.
Her work has been featured in On Landscape Magazine, the Guardian CC, Black & White Photography magazine, The Big Issue in the North, and has participated in two collaborative projects; Wind Willow Water and The Nearest Faraway Place. Her first solo exhibition will take place in Aberdeen Arts Centre, during the month of February 2018. She will be showcasing River Tales, a series of images she developed throughout 4 years of rivers around Scotland, which have inspired many generations in creating a rich folklore.
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